Humans of Swimrise — Mary Miles

Humans of Swimrise - Mary Miles

Humans of Swimrise: Why do you swim?

Mary Miles: I’ve been swimming on and off for a few years, but over the last 12 months the sea has become my sanctuary. I swim to escape, to recharge, to reconnect.  Both with nature and with the many kindred spirits I find on the beach each morning. I think we are all swimming for survival right now. 


Humans of Swimrise: What is your favourite part of the swim?

Mary: About 10 seconds in; my breathing steadies and I feel my muscles relax. That’s the moment of beautiful peace for me. All is quiet-inside and out. I am part of nature. Beside me a line of geese fly low over the still water. I hear the splash of a cormorant fishing nearby. The rising sun emerges from the watery horizon in all its fiery glory. Everyday is a different ordinary miracle. 

Humans of Swimrise - Mary Miles

Humans of Swimrise: How do you feel after your swim?

Mary: Renewed. The sea refuels me. On the cold, sideways rainy days I often have to drag myself to the sea. But I have never once regretted a swim. I always bounce out of the waves with a smile. The positive energy the sea radiates stays with me for the day. I’m an addict.