Humans of Swimrise — Linda Hebert

Linda Hebert, Humans of SwimriseHumans of Swimrise: Why do you swim?
Linda Hebert: I swim each day to connect with Mother Sea, the life giving source on our planet. The first shocking plunge into her icy embrace heightens all my senses. She welcomes all most days, but when she is full of anger and crashing waves she must be respected. You can play in her foam on the wildest days.

Humans of Swimrise: What is your favorite part of the swim?
Linda: The initial dive straight in and rolling over and surfacing on my back is totally refreshing. Next lifting the sunrise with my toes while free floating in its path is incredible. The energy and awe one feels must be felt it cannot be described. It is like floating in our own Mothers birth waters. It connects me to my beginning.
Linda Hebert
Humans of Swimrise: How do you feel after your swim?
Linda: Peacefully refreshed. Connected with nature and my tribe of sea swimmers. Happy and set up for the day. Grateful.