Humans of Swimrise — Jonathan Smith

Humans of Swimrise: Why do you swim?
Jonathan Smith: I swim because it’s the one thing that never fails or disappoints, I know it quelled my mind and in turn I believe that saved my life.

Humans of Swimrise: 
What is your favourite part of the swim?
Jonathan: The initial plunge, coming up from that moment and seeing all the happy heads around you and the exhilarating feeling thereafter.

Humans of Swimrise: How do you feel after your swim?
Jonathan: For sure in a much better place, less quick to anger and more connected and able to live in this world. I also feel great support for the swimming community, you just know they are with you.


Johnathan is supporting the Big Dip for the The Rise Foundation Ireland on 10 Oct 2020, Killiney Beach.