Humans of Swimrise — Raj Singh

Humans of Swimrise – Raj Singh

Humans of Swimrise: Why do you swim?
Raj Singh: Around 2015 I joined Stephen and Dave Flynn for early swims. I remember jumping into the cold Irish sea and I felt cold, I mean really cold. I couldn’t feel my face and since that day I said to myself I am going to wake up every morning and freeze myself in the Irish Sea to get out of my comfort zone and feel the cold. Also I can never stay in the water for more than a minute or two. I wouldn’t call it a swim I would say it’s a dip that sorts me out for the day. It’s all I ever need.

HoS: What is your favourite part of the swim?
RS: Walking towards the sea and admiring the beauty of nature. The sky is different EVERY morning. Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes it’s grey and sometimes it’s raining. The one you don’t wanna miss is the pre-dawn sky it’s breathtaking. Look out for one next time when you are up early early! Then dipping my head under the water. The moment my head is under the water is the only moment I am thinking about absolutely nothing, it’s like my whole life is paused. I also feel like I am talking to the sea when I am doing my slow motion videos it’s like we are having a full on conversation.

HoS: How do you feel after your swim?
RS: Fresh like frisky, no better feeling in the whole world. I am ready to conquer the day and share my experience with everyone throughout the day and encourage more people to jump in the sea. I absolutely feel blessed to be surrounded by the same kind of people. The Swimrise crew are really the best people to have around in the mornings, if I don’t have to go to work I can chat to them all morning for hours. If I have to say something about sea swimming I would say create your own time in the mornings and be in the moment cuz it really will get you through the day. Sea, sea, you are the best medicine in the world. 😀

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